Civic Bangladesh is a nonprofit and non-partisan development organization registered with the NGO Affairs Bureau (NGOAB), Prime Minister’s Office (PMO), Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh (reg. no. 2677 dated 23 February 2012). Established in 2005 and also registered as a Trust in 2006, the organization has since been working to build a free, fair and dignitarian society in Bangladesh for everyone to live with dignity and rights. Civic Bangladesh seeks to help exercise the right to the freedoms of association, expression and assembly; promote human dignity in the social and political institutions; and mobilize equitable access to justice and equal protection of law.


Civic Bangladesh envisions effective democratic governance in the country.


Civic Bangladesh promotes democracy through civic education and engagement.


The objectives of the organization are:

  • To create a culture of dignity in the economic, social and political institutions of the country;
  • To mobilize social resistance against the violation of dignity, the evils of rankism, and the abuse of power associated with ranks;
  • To enhance civic power to exercise freedoms of choice, association, assembly and expression;
  • To develop an informed, alert and vibrant civil society, and consolidate democracy;
  • To help develop transparent and accountable governance at the central and local levels; and
  • To promote and protect equal access to human rights and justice.


The strategies of the organization are:

  • To build community-based civic organizations, develop leadership and enhance institutional capacity;
  • To develop civic knowledge and awareness among the people organized into different interactive forums;
  • To build the capacity of the organized women and men and enable them to be productive, confident, strong and dynamic;
  • To develop civic infrastructure and institutions including networks, alliance and coalitions at the grassroots, local and global levels;
  • To network with the grassroots, local and global actors, agencies and institutions;
  • To pilot action research projects for innovation, replication and extension to improve the life of people;
  • To develop, or collaborate or take part in developing models for sustainable prospertiy of the communities, and fulfillment of inter-generation transformational change needs; and
  • To conduct research, policy research, campaign, mobilization and advocacy activities.


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